Henriette Cronje

Henriette provides clients with litigation and commercial expertise, she is also an admitted conveyancer and provides specialised property solutions to clients. Before joining our team Henriette managed a niche Cape Town practise specialising in foreign individuals’ investment interests and businesses.

Henriette’s expertise and insights have been invaluable in helping our clients with their litigation, commercial and investment concerns. She has practised in Cape Town for 10 years and has built a strong reputation with her colleagues. Our clients rely on her dedication and resourcefulness.

Henriette gets enough exercise looking after her son, and otherwise enjoys learning about the Western Cape’s wine offerings.

Recent Work

Insolvency Enquiries:

Advised various clients on High Court insolvency procedures, and arranged and supervised the subsequent insolvency enquiries and forensic investigations into mismanagement and possible personal liabilities of the company’s representatives; she has assisted with the collection and processing of evidence required for the investigation and enquiry, and worked with commissioners and liquidators in issuing subsequent actions for the recovery of funds

Property Litigation:

Advised residential and commercial property owners on property issues including: construction disputes and approvals from the City of Cape Town, encroachments and obstructions requiring negotiations with the City of Cape Town and engineers for review and reconsideration of approvals, advice on urgent High Court interdict procedures related to alleged non-compliance and arbitrations; assessed and advised clients on risk of High Court litigation, advised clients on litigation relating to lease agreements, including drafting thereof and subsequent evictions

Body Corporate and Sectional Title Disputes:

Advised body corporates and sectional tile owners on their rights and obligations relating to disputes on levies, extensions and increases in levies; attending and representation at body corporate AGM’, disputes relating to convening of AGM meetings, eligibility to vote and chair AGM’s neighbour disputes, outstanding levy disputes and High Court litigation related to body corporate and managing agent mismanagement, including advice to clients on right and obligation under the Sectional Titles Act, and resolution by arbitration

Restraint of Trade:

Has advised companies seeking to enforce their restraints of trade and advised consultant and employees subject to contractually agreed restaraints, including urgent high court interdicts and action; advising clients on reasonableness of the restraint and likely probababilities for enforcement; advising clients on negotaiation of restraint of trade in sale of share agreement disputes; advising client’s on risk of impact on future business ventures;

Additional Work:
  • Advised on labour disputes, retrenchment and restructure procedures, consultancy & employment agreements and remuneration
  • Litigated in the High Court disputing suretyship provisions between individuals and banking institutions relating to sale of business provisions
  • Advised on leasing agreements, termination and evictions
  • Overseen and managed our divorce and family law matters

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Henriette Cronje

Henriette Cronje