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We assist creditors in recovering their debts.
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We provide expertise on insolvency and the related investigation in recovering assets. We are a legal partner in the forensic process uncovering maladministration and mismanagement. We assist creditors in recovering their debts, we also protect and guide companies in liquidation proceedings.

We’ve worked successfully with liquidators, commissioners and creditors; we’ve managed insolvency inquiries resulting from the collapse of companies holding both public and private investments, and conducted forensic investigations to determine the options for recovery and the probabilities of success against liable parties.

The introduction of business rescue proceedings under the new Companies Act of 2008 provides an alternate option to affected parties should a business have a reasonable prospect of recovering from a position of financial distress. Under business rescue proceedings a general moratorium on legal proceedings against a company is granted, including a moratorium on insolvency proceedings, this provides a business rescue practitioner the opportunity to evaluate (in consultation with creditors) whether a business rescue plan can be agreed to save the operations of the company.

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Our Services