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We protect your property rights and the enjoyment of those rights usually go unnoticed until they are challenged or infringed. Development in Cape Town and the Western Cape may require you to protect your rights or seek advice on their protection. We’ve helped our clients with residential, body corporate, sectional title, construction, developments, zoning and neighbour law disputes.

Our services include:

Conveyancing & Notarising

We attend to the transfer and registrations of residential, commercial and agricultural property; our team also provides advice and structuring for residential and commercial developments.We can also assist and advise on the contractual arrangements related to the sale of your home or property;

We assist with notarial deeds and advice thereon, including: antenuptial- and postnuptial contracts, authentication and notarising of documents for use in foreign countries, deeds of servitude, deeds of cession of usufruct, notarial leases, trust deeds of donation and notarial bonds.

Property Disputes

We provide expertise on property disputes and property development.
Cape Town’s property market is the premium property market in South Africa, we assist in disputes relating to residential, commercial and industrial property, we also advise on large and small scale construction projects.
We’ve advised and litigated on:

  • approvals from the City of CapeTown,
  • encroachments and obstructionsrequiring negotiations with the City of Cape Town and engineers for review andreconsideration of approvals,
  • urgent High Court interdictprocedures related to alleged non-compliance and arbitrations;
  •  land rezoned for commercial development andownership disputes arising from the sale thereof;
  • unauthorised building alterationsby tenants and owners of commercial property including interdict applicationsfor stop works orders;
  • sale of agricultural land forconversion into luxury and entertainment resorts,
  • conversion into low-cost housingprojects, review of EIA approvals
  • construction disputes betweenneighbours
  • zoning disputes, land-ownershipdisputes, engineering and survey reports, market values and enrichment claimsfor development.
Body Corporates

We specialize in assisting owners and investors protect their rights where their property ownership is managed by a body corporate or subject to the Sectional Titles Act.

We’ve represented owners and body corporates for residential, commercial or mixed use premises; we assist in disputes regarding proper management by trustees, appointment of trustees, disputes about construction, PQ’s and body corporate rules, we also assist in preparation for, and attendance at AGM’s, we advise and assist our clients through High Court litigation and arbitration.

Our Services 

Our Services