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Ren Dunster
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Ren’s clients have chosen an attorney with whom they can grow a relationship.

His clients regard him as part of their team, he’s always available for a five-minute call to discuss the legal challenges that face both new and established businesses. He has helped his clients structure their interests in new ventures both locally and abroad and has guided their contract negotiations with new business partners. His clients appreciate the legal suggestions that protect their businesses and assist their growth. Ren has handled major pension fund, insurance and construction work, he has a broad litigation background and has guided his clients through High Court litigation, arbitration and insolvency inquiries.

He is known for his attention to detail and perseverance, he has successfully litigated against the country’s largest companies and law firms. He is a tennis enthusiast and plays league for his local club.

Recent Work

Pension Funds’ Insurance and Litigation:

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation for pension funds and pension fund trustees, including consideration of: the management of pension funds and pension fund investments, trustee insurance and liability, pension fund insurance, pension fund administrators’ conduct and liability,pension fund rules and pension fund legislation.

Shareholder Disputes:

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation on shareholder disputes andagreements, includingconsideration of: the protection of minority shareholders, oppression byminority and majorityshareholders, resolution procedures for shareholders, consideration of liquidation implications,disposition of company assets and tax implications of asset disposal and court ordered sharebuy-outs.

Global Manufacturing, Transport and Installation Operations:

Negotiated andadvised on seating contracts (manufacture, installation and supply) for stadiums inAustralia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the United ArabEmirates, including consideration of: dispute procedures and applicable law, stadium constructiontimelines and schedules, public liability, insurance, labour protection, finance, the placingand operation of performance bonds and guarantees; the institution of dispute procedures,negotiations with new JV partners, protection of intellectual property; production andsupply chain management from factory to stadium including: insurance considerations,carriage regimes; manufacturing agreements with suppliers and moulders.

Directors’ Duties and Liabilities:

Advised on, andconducted, High Court litigation regarding directors’ liabilities (defending and litigating againstdirectors), including a consideration of directors’ conduct and whether such conducts attractsliability, theft of corporate opportunities, restraint of trade implications for directors andprotection of confidential information.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Advisedinternational investors on the purchase of local businesses and targetcompanies, including review of shareholders agreements, memorandums ofincorporation, financial statements and business operations, conductingcomprehensive due diligence and assessing risk profiles for investing, advisingon restraints of trade, advising on creation of new companies and structuring,assisting new entities with registrations and business start-up procedures

Distribution and Licensing Agreements:

Advised on, negotiated and drafted, international distribution and licensing agreements for global manufacturer and distributor, including consideration of royalty payments, exclusivity, protection of intellectual property and negotiation of territorial limits for distribution.

Property Development Disputes:

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation and arbitration on property development schemes, including consideration of: sale of agricultural land for conversion into luxury and entertainment reports, conversion into low-cost housing projects, review of EIA approvals, zoning disputes,land-ownership disputes, engineering and survey reports, market values and enrichment claimsfor development.

  • Handled shipping claims and maritime insurance matters; arrested and attached vessels regarding unpaid debts and as security for claims to be instituted
  • advised clients on structures for new business ventures and investments both in South Africa and abroad, including shareholder agreements, loan accounts and tax structures
  • Litigated and advised on patent litigation in the United States
  • Litigated on mining disputes, franchise agreements, intellectual property, liquidation applications and subsequent insolvency enquiries
  • Advised on new investments in Africa, including Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique and Ghana
  • Advised on compliance with exchange control regulations

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