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Our lawyers specialise in the administration and management of estate and business structuring

We provide practical solutions.

We consider our client’s personal circumstances and exposures together with their intended goals; our experience ensures our clients can plan with confidence, we also serve as trustees and executors in trust and estate management.

Estate planning is often closely linked to our client’s commercial interests: we asses businesses to identify and avoid or insure risks, and we advise on corporate structuring providing for growth, succession or disposal of our client’s interests.

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Common questions we’re often asked regarding Estate & Business Structuring:

Should I put my estate in a trust?

Should I put my estate in a trust?

Each case is handled on an individual basis and whether you should create a trust for your estate depends on yours and your family’s needs.

There are certainly advantages to placing your estate in trust but it may not be suitable, depending on your long-term plan for your estate.

How should I structure my business?

How should I structure my business?

This is a question that will depend on, amongst other things, the size of your business, the nature of your business, the number of shareholders it will have and its value.

Any of our corporate lawyers can assist with company registration and drafting all the necessary founding documents, or for an existing business, restructuring its assets holding structure and drafting new agreements to best suit its shareholders.

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