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Bridget’s litigation acumen gives her clients confidence that their business interests are being put first. They know she does not force them into, or prolong, unnecessary litigation. She has often been able to resolve matters satisfactorily for all litigation parties, freeing her clients to continue developing their businesses.

Bridget has a business background, she understands her role in her client’s team; her insights and knowledge of the litigation process are explained to her clients in a manner that helps them plan reliably for any business contingencies. Bridget’s clients know her tenacity and experience ensure the best possible outcome from the litigation process. Bridget has litigated in prominent fraud matters, conducted forensic investigations into company and director frauds, and recovered stolen funds for foreign investors, she also has a keen interest in property related disputes.

Bridget leads our social conscience, she is actively involved in community outreach, and is also commissioner currently serving in the small claims court.

On weekends Bridget will return your call after an off-road race or a mountain hike.

Recent Work

Bridget has recently:

Directors’ Duties and Liabilities

Litigated, and conducted forensic investigations, on thefts by company directors, recovered funds stolen by company directors and advised on criminal and civil proceedings regarding frauds by company directors.

Insolvency Inquiries

Arranged, in consultation with the appointed liquidators, insolvency inquiry procedures on behalf of foreign investors seeking recovery of funds based on mismanagement and misallocation of capital funds in property development projects, and conducted opposed liquidation applications and hearings.

Pension Fund Liabilities and Insurance

Advised pension fund trustees based in South Africa and in Lesotho on: trustees’ liabilities and insurance, litigation against pension fund administrators, including a review of Financial Service Board reports into misappropriation and misallocation of pension fund assets.

Shareholder Disputes

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation on shareholder disputes and agreements, including consideration of: the protection of minority shareholders, oppression by minority and majority shareholders, resolution procedures for shareholders, consideration of liquidation implications, dispositions of company assets and tax implications of asset disposal and court-ordered share buy-outs.

Property Disputes

Litigated in the high court regarding mismanagement of a body corporate by the managing agent, represented owners of sectional title units regarding preparation for representation at AGM’s relating to disputes on PQ’s, voting procedures and appointment of officials; litigated in the High Court on disputes between neighbours regarding integrity of retaining walls; litigated in the High Court for homeowners’ associations regarding municipal rates disputes and incomplete construction.

Development Disputes

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation and arbitration on property development schemes, including consideration of: sale of agricultural land for conversion into luxury and entertainment resorts, conversion into low-cost housing projects, review of EIA approvals, zoning disputes, land-ownership disputes, engineering and survey reports, market values and enrichment claims for development.

Sale of Business in the Mining Industry

Advised on, and conducted, High Court litigation on the sale of a mining business, including a consideration of: guarantees and warranties relating to old and new order mining licenses, disputes on the transfer of shareholdings in mining operations, damages from unrealised mining profits, interdicts on mining operations and ownership disputes in mining operations.

  • Advised, and litigated, on property and building disputes including High Court litigation on: land rezoned for commercial development and ownership disputes arising from sale of and development agreements, residential building disputes, unauthorised building alterations by tenants of commercial property including interdict applications for stop works orders.
  • Successfully litigated on dependency claims stemming from helicopter pilot error, including a consideration of: expert aviation witnesses, crash site analysis, and presentation of evidence regarding topographical and climatic conditions
  • Advised and litigated in rental claims against Transnet

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